StopJetLag is a mobile app that shares 98% of its code base across iPhone and iPad, Android, and Windows 10.


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Travel+Leisure / CNN Travel: 100 Ways to Travel Better - Air Travel Tip: Beat Jet Lag with StopJetLag Courtesy of Travel+Leisure and CNN Travel

Air Travel Tip: Beat Jet Lag with StopJetLag

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Travel App of the Week: StopJetLag

Mobile App Toolset

C#, Visual Studio and Xamarin

StopJetLag Mobile was devloped in C# using Microsoft and Xamarin tools for iOS, Android, and Windows 10

Advantages of this approach

  • 98% of its code base is shared across all platforms
  • Non UI business logic is common and testable
  • The majority of the UI is common and testable
  • Mobile apps can take advantage of required platform specific features

StopJetLag Back End

Expert system written in C#

Creation of cloud stored information for download to mobile app

StopJetLag - Microsoft Technical Case Study

Using Xamarin.Forms and Azure to help travelers stop jet lag

Kinetic Software and Microsoft teamed up to build a Xamarin.Forms revision of the StopJetLag app and a back end using Azure App Service coordinating with the Web Apps feature of App Service and Azure SQL Database to reduce the cost and management overhead of the applications required to create a customized jet lag plan for travelers.

Core team:

  • Bill Ashton (@StopJetLag, @billkinetic) – CEO, Kinetic Software
  • Doris Chen (@doristchen) – Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft

The StopJetLag app gives travelers a customized jet lag plan on their mobile devices. It offers travelers the correct timing for scientific advice that makes beating jet lag as rapid and easy as possible. The solution leverages Azure App Service, both the Web Apps and API Apps features, to deliver jet lag advice to the mobile app, as well as a web admin portal with a database API layer to edit trip notes for the StopJetLag plan. The Azure SQL database is also manipulated from the processing of StopJetLag order information during the creation of the StopJetLag plan by the Windows Presentation Foundation implementation of the StopJetLag expert system.

Read the Technical Case Study  

Bill Ashton and Doris Chen displaying the StopJetLag app

How StopJetLag Helps You