Architecting is the key to success

Kinetic Software specializes in the design and implementation of software systems that satisfy specific needs of various commercial industries and professional services.

Experienced in gathering Business Requirements

Strong background in project management and custom software development with 30+ years experience in analyzing and solving vertical market and data processing problems.

A proven track record of analyses, specifications, design and prototyping, documentation, project team coordination, programming, testing, training, consulting and troubleshooting.

Current Consulting Speciality Focus

Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

Mobile development across

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Windows 10


StopJetLag is a mobile app that shares 98% of its code base across iPhone and iPad, Android, and Windows 10.


Programming Qualifications

  • Consistent record of completed applications that solve the problems of users and management, run efficiently and are easy to use and maintain.
  • Strong and diversified work experience which helps to understand business processes.
  • Ability to assimilate new programming languages and architectures as required by project requirements.
  • MSDN Subscriber since 1994

Specific Software Areas of Expertise:

  • Xamarin.Forms for iOS, Android, and Windows 10
  • Domain-Driven Application Specialist
  • Layered Architecture Design and Implementation
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • Database Driven Applications


  • C#, .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Javascript (incl. AJAX and JQuery)